La Cafetière Seattle Pour Over Diffuser

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About this product

Pour over coffee is famous for its exceptional flavour, but infamous for requiring zen-like patience. The coffee experts at La Cafetière Seattle wanted to change all that, so they came up with this ingenious coffee dripper jug. Simply fill it with water, place it on top of your coffee carafe, and it will gently drip water through the coffee grounds. In other words, it handles all the boring stuff, and you still get to enjoy a great cup of coffee at the end of it. It's designed for use with La Cafetière Seattle's matching drip coffee maker.


  • THE NO-FUSS POUR-OVER COFFEE DRIPPER: enjoy the benefits of the pour-over method, without the hassle
  • SIMPLY PLACE IT OVER THE FILTER CONE: it gently drips water over your coffee grounds
  • CUT OUT THE GUESSWORK: the coffee dripper is timed for three minutes of pour-over work
  • ROBUST DESIGN: the jug is made of sturdy Tritan plastic. BPA, BPS and EA free
  • USEFUL INFO: designed for use with La Cafetière Seattle’s pour-over coffee carafe. Gift boxed


  • Colour Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 17.000 x 14.000 x 11.500
  • SKU: C000876