Living Nostalgia Enamel Camping Plate

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About this product

Whether it’s hearty school dinners, or a hot breakfast cooked over the camping stove, just about everyone has fond memories of these classic divided plates. Now KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia has revived this childhood staple as a piece of practical, beautiful enamelware. It’s sure to bring those good times flooding back! The refreshed version is made of steel coated with scratch-proof enamel. It’s lightweight and robust, so it’s great for camping, and because it’s oven safe you can use it to reheat your mash and veggies at home. Plus, it’s decorated with Living Nostalgia’s much-loved white-and-grey finish, so it looks gorgeous in any home and goes beautifully with other items in the range. You’ll find dozens of uses for this dinner tray. Serve beans and bacon around the campfire. Dish up school-time standards like cottage pie and peas – with jam roly poly on the side! It can even help with portion control, or you can use it to divide up dinners for those who don’t like food to touch.


  • BRING BACK MEMORIES: reminisce about school dinners and camping trips with this segmented enamel plate
  • DIVIDED INTO THREE SECTIONS: it's great for people who don't like their food to touch
  • TOUGH ENAMEL-COATED STEEL: it's oven safe (great for reheating food) and lightweight (ideal for camping)
  • BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL: the plate is decorated with Living Nostalgia's iconic white and grey finish
  • USEFUL INFO: dishwasher safe. Includes a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour White
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Size 22 x 25 x 3