MasterClass Double Light Food Warmer


About this product

There’s nothing worse than a dish gone cold at a dinner party! Keep all your delicious dishes at the perfect temperature with the Master Class Professional Double Tea Light Food Warmer. Heated by two candles, the food warmer is great for keeping food warm before you serve it, heating plates for that ‘luxury factor’, or keeping buffets at a constant temperature so your guests can enjoy deliciously warm food all through the evening. And it’s not just for special occasions. You can use the tea light food warmer to keep takeaways warm on those ‘curry and movie’ nights too! Best of all, there's no electricity required - so it saves energy, and can be used anywhere. Boasting a sturdy and practical design, this dish warmer is made of heavy-duty carbon steel, so it's more than sturdy enough to hold multiple plates, bowls or dishes of food. The plate itself measures 33 x 17.5 cm (13” x 7”) and is 6.5 cm (2½”) high. This means it’s big enough for a small stack of plates, a medium-sized tray, or a selection of smaller serving bowls. With its flat surface, the food warmer is designed to distribute heat evenly, so there's no need to worry about some dishes or plates not being as warm as others. This makes it ideal for warming plates before serving, or for serving hot food outdoors. The food warmer is quick and easy to set up, so it makes a convenient serving solution whether you're entertaining at home, or professionally in a busy restaurant environment. Powered by two standard tea light candles, they simply slot in place inside the food warmer. And with its integrated snuffer, you can easily put the candles out once you've finished. Looking For A Larger Size? Hosting a bigger dinner party, or serving a larger meal? You can make sure whatever's on your menu will be warm and delicious when it reaches your guests with the bigger version of this food warmer! To take a look at the MasterClass 43.5 x 17.5 cm triple table top food warmer, simply search for product code MCC3FWARM.


  • WARM FOOD WITHOUT OVERCOOKING: it's easy with this heavy-duty, non-stick candle light food warmer
  • POWERED BY TWO TEALIGHTS: they distribute heat evenly over the hotplate to keep food warm
  • USE ANYWHERE: to heat dinner party plates, keep restaurant appetisers warm, or even reheat takeaways
  • SIZE: 33 x 17.5cm (13” x 7”). The MasterClass collection also includes a larger version
  • USEFUL INFO: easy to clean. Includes a 10-year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Metal
  • Size 33 x 17.5 x 7