MasterClass Fresh Keeper - 3.2L


About this product

We waste 1.03 billion tonnes of food per year - that's the equivalent of 40ft containers parked end-to-end packed with food waste, circling the Earth 7 times. The MasterClass Fresh Keeper clear fridge storage boxes aim to help reduce those statistics by extending life of fruit and vegetables up to 2x longer. This medium 3.2L refrigerator storage box is the best container to keep lettuce fresh or to store fruit and veggies such as tomatoes, broccoli, apples and grapes for up for 14 days. An adjustable air vent system allows airflow to circulate, controls internal moisture and eliminates odour from your fridge while the green, anti-microbial inner basket kills 99% of bacteria and is slightly elevated, acting as a reservoir and keep food away from excess moisture. Also, it can be removed and used as a colander, saving on washing up! This produce keeper is made of a blend of BPA-free and food safe plastics: polypropylene which is strong, durable and would survive being dropped; and polyethylene terephthalate noted for its resistance to corrosion and ability to be easily recycled when the time does come - keeping the Fresh Keepers out of landfill.


  • Compact size for easy storage on fridge shelves 30cm x 17cm x 12cm
  • Wash before first use. Hand wash only
  • Freezer safe
  • BUY ONCE, BUY SMART: made of robust, BPA-free plastic, they're built to last for years
  • USEFUL INFO: includes 1 x 3.2-litre (5.5-pint) storage box; covered by a 10-year MasterClass guarantee


  • Colour Green
  • Size 30.000 x 17.500 x 12.000