MasterClass Non-Stick 16.5cm x 10cm Baking Tray


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About this product

Whether you're roasting peppers, grilling a fresh fillet of sea bass or simply crisping oven chips, the MasterClass Small Non-Stick Baking Tray takes the hassle out of baking smaller portions of food. The baking tray is built from heavyweight, electroplated carbon steel, and coated with the outstanding Quantum II non-stick finish. This premium construction means you can rely on it to provide easier, more effective baking for years. The tray measures 16.5 x 10 cm (6½” x 4”) and is 1.5 cm (½”) deep. Its smaller size makes it fantastic for separating different types of food from each other, or for preparing individual portions for children. For your peace of mind, this baking tray covered by the MasterClass 20-year guarantee and a 5-year non-stick guarantee.


  • SMALL BUT STRONG: this baking tray is perfect for keeping foods separate in the oven
  • HIGH DURABILITY: this one millimetre-thick carbon steel tin is electroplated and sandblasted to resist warping
  • QUANTUM II TECHNOLOGY: this BPA and PTFE-free non-stick coating releases your food in perfect shape
  • MASTERCLASS BAKEWARE: discover other products from this award-winning collection
  • USEFUL INFO: protected by MasterClass's 20 year guarantee and five year non-stick guarantee


  • Capacity 100ML
  • Colour Grey
  • Material Steel
  • Size 16.000 x 10.000 x 1.800