MasterClass Professional Cooks Blowtorch


About this product

The MasterClass Professional Chefs’ Gas Blow Torch is an extra-durable take on the classic kitchen blow torch, designed for use in commercial catering environments, or for serious home chefs. It’s designed to be safe and simple to use, with an extremely durable design and powerful flame that meets all the needs of a professional kitchen. And with its large refillable cylinder and flame lock switch, you can easily carry out precision work without having to hold the trigger down, or stopping to refill. The torch is perfect for caramelising crème brûlées, searing pork chops, skinning tomatoes, browning lemon meringue pies and much more. Adjustable, Lockable Flame You can easily adjust the size and temperature of the flame to suit what you're doing with the flame adjustment knob. Choose between a light, delicate flame for precision work, or turn it up to full power for an extra-hot flame that effectively sears steaks and crisps sugar toppings. The handy flame lock switch holds the flame in the ‘on’ position, which is ideal for catering professionals – it provides a long-lasting, powerful flame without the need to strain your hand by holding the trigger! Instant Piezo Ignition Igniting this butane blow torch is easy. It features a trigger-operated piezo ignition, which when pushed down ignites the butane gas to produce a powerful flame, ready to brown, caramelise, crisp, sear or skin. For your safety, when you release the trigger, the flame will go out instantly (as long as the flame lock is disengaged). Anti-Flare Flame for Safety This kitchen blow torch produces an anti-flare flame, so it burns cleanly in one direction, no matter where you point the torch. This helps to protect your hands from burns. Safety Lock After you've finished with this kitchen blow torch, you can simply apply the safety lock to prevent it from being accidentally ignited. This makes it simple to store away, and safer too. It also conforms to BS EN ISO 22702:2003 safety standards. Non-Slip Grip Handle This blow torch features an easy-grip metal body, which ensures a tight, controlled hold for precision work. Large Refillable Cylinder This blow torch's powerful flame is powered by butane gas (available from all good hardware shops). Its large, refillable gas cylinder is designed to provide a long run time, and you can easily top it up when it’s empty. Safety Stand With the sturdy safety stand, you can safely leave the torch to cool down before you store it away. You can keep the blow torch stood on it in storage too, or choose to show it off in your kitchen). Useful Information — Blowtorch measures approx. 18 cm (7") — Stand diameter approx. 9 cm (3½") — Takes butane gas - not included — Wipe-clean only — Comes complete with a 12 month guarantee


  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY: with a powerful flame, a large refillable cylinder, and an extra-long run time
  • LOCK 'ON' FLAME FUNCTION: this means you don't have to hold the trigger
  • PACKED WITH SAFETY FEATURES: including an instant igniter, anti-flare flame, safety lock and a stand
  • ROBUST AND PRACTICAL: made from strong metal with a non-slip body for a firm grip
  • USEFUL INFO: conforms to BS EN ISO 22702:2003. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 9 x 16.5 x 21