MasterClass Smart Space Three-in-One Saucepan Lid


About this product

No kitchen is complete without a good set of non-stick kitchen pans ready to tackle tricky béchamel sauce for creamy pasta dishes, deliciously fragrant curries and classic vanilla custard to pour over puddings. And every good kitchen pan needs a quality lid! But, when it comes to putting them away after, cupboards can get crowded very quickly. Rid yourself of storage woes once and for all with this deluxe 3 in 1 saucepan lid. A three-in-one lid with a tapered silicone rim to fit 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans to save space. Silicone rim insulates and minimises heat loss. Includes a steam vent to reduce the risk of boiling over and is also ideal for use as an additional or spare lid with MasterClass Smart Space Saucepan Set (MCSPSPANSET3PC). Built to last, this set is covered by the MasterClass 20-year guarantee.


  • SPACE SAVING: this ingenious, clutter-reducing saucepan lid does the job of three lids in one
  • SILICONE RIM: flexible and ridged, it's designed to fit 16cm, 18cm and 20cm pans
  • WORKS LIKE A CLASSIC LID: it's transparent, and vented to prevent food boiling over
  • EASY TO HANDLE: the central knob also has a soft-grip, heat-resistant silicone coating
  • MASTERCLASS QUALITY: the universal pan lid is dishwasher safe. Twenty year guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 21.5 x 21.5 x 5