It’s that time of the year when we all get together to warm up next to bonfires and watch breathtaking fireworks displays across the UK, to mark the anniversary of the historical Gunpowder Plot.

 Every year, many of us attend celebrations in local parks and commons since they are a fuss-free and safe option for the whole family to enjoy Bonfire Night. However, the cost-of-living crisis has led many local councils to cancel their events this year.

 As unfortunate as it looks, this doesn’t mean that all the fun is gone. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy this old tradition, so you might be looking to celebrate with friends at home and organise a Bonfire night party in your own back garden.

 Of course, there is no complete celebration without tasty treats and hot drinks. But what are your guests going to eat and drink while the lighting and banging are going on?

 We are looking for warming and comforting food that you can enjoy on a chilly dark night while curling your cold hands around a piping hot drink — preferably chocolate! 

 Don’t forget to prepare everything well in advance, ensuring the food can be quickly warmed through and easily served so the chef doesn’t miss all the fun. We have a range of versatile microwave and oven-safe food storage containers to help you with the prep too!

 We are sharing some ideas for a Bonfire night party that everyone will remember — the 5th of November and beyond!


Firecracker Potato and Chorizo Kebabs



The perfect Bonfire night food, these colourful firecracker potato and chorizo kebabs are a complete meal on a stick. Layered with bold flavours, the skewers feature roast pumpkin cubes, creamy new potatoes and spicy chorizo. Just assemble all the ingredients in skewers, roast on medium heat and serve!

The all-rounder MasterClass Non-Stick 39cm x 27cm Baking Tray is really handy for general roasting and grilling recipes. Manufactured from heavy-duty commercial weight 1mm steel, it features a double non-stick coating that is made to last.


Pumpkin, Chilli and Feta Quesadilla



A vegetarian option, this creamy Mexican-style quesadilla combines sweet roasted pumpkin with salty feta and gooey mozzarella cheese. Mix in some fresh coriander leaves and aromatic cumin seeds for flavour and add some crunch with walnut pieces for the perfect bite. 

Slow-cooked Beef Chilli Taco Cups


These filling taco cups are the perfect all-in-one meal to keep your guests well-fed. Creamy sweet potatoes, fresh salad and melt-in-your-mouth spiced beef in a rich tomato and dark chocolate sauce sounds like heaven.

Parkin Tart


A classic bake for this time of the year, the parkin tart is a delightfully moist, sticky and spiced cake featuring oatmeal, ginger and a generous splash of black treacle and golden syrup.

Baked in a MasterClass Crusty Bake Non-stick Fluted Round 20cm Quiche Tin, this baking tray features a non-stick, loose base and perforated holes along the bottom and sides to cook your tart thoroughly while delivering a crispy crust.

S’mores Cookie Cups 



The perfect treat for a Bonfire night, these cookie cups filled with S'mores are made of crunchy cookie dough and filled with fluffy marshmallows to enjoy the full campfire experience in a convenient way!

Best baked in the MasterClass Non-Stick 12 Hole Deep Baking Pan, the baking tray features a carbon steel construction and a double non-stick coating, so you can effortlessly achieve superior bakes.

Ultimate Hot Chocolate 



Comfort your guests sitting around the fire and keep warm on Bonfire night with an extra-creamy hot chocolate — not forgetting the all-important marshmallows and whipped cream! For the grown-ups, why not add a dash of cream liqueur for an extra-warming and indulgent treat?

Made in the MasterClass Can-to-Pan 14cm Non-Stick Milk Pan, this environmentally friendly and innovative pot is made of 70% recycled aluminium, sourced from discarded drink cans. It’s solid yet lightweight and as reliable as any MasterClass cookware.

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